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There are so many things which could go wrong in most of the workplaces across the States. Work related accidents and injuries are quite common nowadays, and no one is safe from them. If you or someone you know received a work related injury, you may be able to receive financial benefits. These financial benefits come from the state issued workers’ compensation program, designed specifically to help injured individual continue with their lives, by providing them with a stable source of income and compensation for their lost wages (2/3 of the average weekly wage). Pittsburgh Neck and Back Injury Attorneys will help you get compensated.

You may have a work comp claim at hand, without even knowing it. To find out if you qualify to receive workers compensation or not, speak to Pittsburgh Workers Compensation Attorneys and learn everything about the program itself, as well as other programs which provide financial compensation to injured workers.

All attorneys in Pittsburgh work on contingency, meaning that your money is safe with you and you won’t be charged anything until you receive financial compensation for your injury, in which case you will be charged on a previously agreed percentage. Feel free to negotiate the percentage settlement with your attorney, as they are open for every opinion.

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The purpose of the consultation is to bring you up to speed, and inform you about workers’ compensation program and other state issued programs. You will learn about eligibility to file for it, and will understand how the entire procedure works.

Additionally, you will learn everything about neck and back injuries and how severe they are. You will be provided with a fully paid medical care, and will be able to start the treatment immediately, without having to worry about the bills. These medical bills include surgeries, treatments, prescription drugs and medication, as well as neck stabilization and acupuncture.

Neck and Back Injuries in Pittsburgh

The most common reasons why people receive a neck or back injury are:

  • Bad posture
  • Emotional stress
  • Falling or slipping
  • Head injury
  • Car accidents

When it comes to neck injuries, their nature is such that you may have received a neck injury several years ago in a car accident, and the injury itself will develop only now, several years later. You never know what the real cause of the injury was, as there could have been so many things. Proving that your injury originated from work may be hard, but not impossible.

Back injuries are also complicated, but are easier to prove. If you slipped at work, or got hit by a falling object, or tried lifting heavy load without gear and using proper technique, you may have received a back injury. As long as your spine is intact, you should be fine. However keep in mind that both of these injuries require severe and intense treatments, and are not to be taken lightly.

Seek immediate medical attention as soon as you receive any of these two injuries, and report the injury to your employer on time, to avoid losing the opportunity to file for workers compensation claim.

Neck and Back Injury Attorneys in Pittsburgh

Normally, you have 20 days to report the injury to your employer from the day you received your medical treatment. Let your employer know of the accident, and ask him to file for your workers’ compensation claim.

If you need help contacting your employer of filing for work comp claim, we are here for you, ready to represent you as best as we can. Your job is to give us a call, our job is to secure your financial benefits. Call today to learn more!